color blindness - contact lenses

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Imagine a world with faded colors. You may already be experiencing vision in a world where some colors are confusing. Although there is no cure, there is a solution - ColorView® lenses.
Children looking outSome complimentary colors might be difficult to distinguish for some people. These symptoms may be caused by congenital red-green color vision deficiency, and now there is a solution. ColorView®spectacle lenses help people with congenital red-green color deficiency to distinguish colors easier and reduce color confusion. ColorView® lenses may be right for you! To discover the difference they can make, contact one of our Optometrists who will help determine, from testing, the most appropriate lens for you.

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   USA ColorView® is launched on Seattle, WA. area!

   USA ColorView® is launched on Western Florida area!

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   USA ColorView® is launched on New Zealand market!

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